Any person who purchases prognostic services from Conseils YulPronos Inc. or who accesses or uses its Website is considered a User. By purchasing our Services and using our Site, the User undertakes to respect without limitation or reservation the laws applicable in Quebec and Canada as well as the conditions appearing herein-below, all constituting a legal agreement between the User and Conseils YulPronos Inc.
Descriptions of the Site and the Services offered
The Site presents the Services offered by YulPronos Consulting Inc. (hereinafter: "Yul Pronos"). Yul Pronos also provides information about its Services through its social networks. The User acknowledges that he is responsible at all times for the use he will make of the Site and the social networks of Yul Pronos.
The Services sold by Yul Pronos consist of advice, or prognoses, indicating to the User on which team or on which professional to bet on online sports betting sites.
18 and over
The User must be 18 years of age or older and have the legal age in the country where he resides.
Personnal Information
The User must ensure that all personal information provided to Yul Pronos is accurate, up-to-date and complete;
The User must also take the necessary measures to protect his personal information.

Obligations of the User
By using and browsing the Site and its content and purchasing the Services of Yul Pronos, the User expressly accepts these Terms of Use. If the User does not accept one or more of the terms set out in these Terms of Use, the only recourse he has is to stop using the Site and not to purchase his Services; The User undertakes not to:
• Use the Site in any manner that could i) affect the resources of the Site or the availability of the Site to other users, ii) compromise the integrity of the system or its security, iii) violate any provincial law, federal or international or iv) delete or modify any content on the Site;
• Access areas of the Site or computer systems of Yul Pronos that are not public;
• Attempt to explore or assess the vulnerability of the Site;
• Attempt to decrypt, decompile or disassemble the software used for the Site.

The User acknowledges that by using the Site, he cannot:
• Transmit any messages anonymously or under a false name;
• Transmit any illegal or otherwise objectionable information of any kind;
• Convey any message that discloses private or personal matters about an individual;
• Transmit any information and any file or software that contains a virus or any other contaminating or destructive element.

Yul Pronos reserves the right to investigate any alleged violation of the aforementioned conditions and to pursue legal action if necessary.

Privacy policy

Yul Pronos takes reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information provided by the User is managed in accordance with the Privacy Policy, subject however to legal requirements applicable in certain countries other than Canada.

Prices and changes in tarification

The User pays a flat rate for a certain period of time, depending on the package chosen, during which Yul Pronos provides Services. All prices posted on the Site are in Canadian dollars, unless otherwise indicated, and exclude taxes.
The User acknowledges that the prices on the Site may be modified at any time, at the discretion of Yul Pronos, without prior notice.

The User also acknowledges that the prices on the Site may be changed at any time by third parties such as Paypal and Stripe. For this purpose, the User acknowledges that Yul Pronos is not responsible for such changes.

Payment terms
In order to obtain the Services from Yulpronos, the User must choose between four types of packages: monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual. Payment will be made on the first day of the chosen package and will be renewed at the beginning of each new period, i.e. every month or every three (3) months or every six (6) months or every twelve (12) months, depending on the package selected by the User. The User acknowledges that by communicating its banking information to third parties such as Paypal or Stripe, this payment renewal will be done automatically.
The User will obtain the Services after making his payment. Prognoses will be given on a daily basis for the duration of the subscription.
The User will have the possibility to pay by credit card and bank account. Yul Pronos accepts online payments by Visa, Master Card and Paypal, which includes payment by bank account.

Cancellation and Refund
The User can terminate his account at any time by going to the "My Account" section after logging in. The User can also terminate his account via the Paypal website. Upon termination, Yul Pronos will not charge the payment for the subsequent period.
The User acknowledges that Yul Pronos will not be able to refund its subscription once the payment has been made.

Intellectual property

The Site, as well as all of its content and the Services offered are the exclusive property of Yul Pronos, which manages it. In exchange for the express acceptance of this Agreement, Yul Pronos grants the User the right to browse the Yul Pronos Website.
The User acknowledges that the Services and all information and documents found on the Site, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, software, images, texts, graphics, illustrations, logos, trademarks, copyrights, photographs, videos and all related intellectual property rights (hereinafter the “Content”) are the exclusive property of Yul Pronos. It is therefore forbidden to copy, reproduce, modify, reuse, transmit, distribute or publish elsewhere any Content of the Site or any information relating to the Services of Yul Pronos, such as the prognoses received, without the prior written permission of Yul Pronos, which reserves all other rights relating to the Services and the content of the Site.
The User acknowledges that the use of the Services is limited to personal and non-commercial use only, unless it has obtained express written consent from Yul Pronos for another use.
The license granted to the User to browse the Site is limited. Consequently, the User may not display, download, copy, reproduce, modify, adapt, translate, download, store, transmit, distribute, sell or use the Content of the Site for any purpose other than those mentioned in these Terms of Use, without prior written permission from Yul Pronos.
Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Yul Pronos owns the entire copyright of all Content displayed on the Site or has a license to use it.

While Yul Pronos takes the necessary steps to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the content on its Site, the Site is offered “as is” and “as available”, without any warranty or condition of any kind. Yul Pronos expressly excludes any representation or warranty that the Site is free from errors, viruses or other harmful elements.
Without limiting the foregoing, Yul Pronos and its employees shall, both in civil matters and otherwise, be free from any loss or damage of any kind whatsoever, including but not limited to:
• Errors, omissions, inaccurate or out-of-date information or downtime on the Site (or servers) that may result from an interruption, shutdown or malfunction of a third party’s Internet or telecommunications services;
• Promotional offers made by the various bookmakers indicated on its Site. The User acknowledges that each bookmaker has different terms of sale regarding their welcome bonus. It is up to the User to consult them for more information;
• Results and statistics on social networks and the Yul Pronos website. The User acknowledges that these results and statistics are based on past performance and are not guaranteed by Yul Pronos.
• The use made by the User of information from the Site and other messages broadcast on the social networks of Yul Pronos, including in particular the bets made by the User based on the prognoses given by Yul Pronos. The User acknowledges that these prognoses are only predictions and that Yul Pronos cannot guarantee the success of these prognoses, the result of the bets being the sole responsibility of the User.
• Failure by Yul Pronos to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement in the event of an accident or force majeure such as disruption of communications, flooding, fire, acts of terrorism and acts of war.


In the event that certain limitations mentioned above cannot apply due to applicable laws, Yul Pronos' liability to the User for damages and claims of any kind shall be limited to the amount that the User has paid for the Services.

The User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Yul Pronos, its officers and employees in respect of all obligations, expenses and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, relating to a breach of these Terms of Use by the User or any other person using its account. A delay or failure by Yul Pronos to exercise any right or power under this Agreement shall not be considered a waiver of such right or power.

Membership, navigation and use of the Site and the Services

Yul Pronos reserves the right to refuse the membership of a User to its Site and the Services offered, in its sole discretion.
Yul Pronos reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify, suspend, terminate or discontinue any aspect of the use of the Site at any time, including the availability of any functionality of the Service or its content or impose limits on certain features or aspects of the Service or limit a User’s access to all or parts of the Service, for any reason reasonable to Yul Pronos, without notice, liability or obligation. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, Yul Pronos may, in its sole discretion and without notice, limit access to the Site to any User who contravenes these Terms of Use.
Gambling addiction
The Site and the promotion of the Site via the social networks of Yul Pronos do not encourage gambling in any way. Yul Pronos cannot be held responsible in this regard.
In case of gambling addiction, the User is invited to contact a local helpline for this purpose.

These Terms of Use with respect to the Services and the Site of Yul Pronos constitute the entire agreement between the User and Yul Pronos.
The version of the Terms of Use applicable to any transaction that the User has made on the Site is that in force on the date and time when the User completed his transaction, as posted on the Site at that time. Each time, the User is deemed to have read and accepted the terms governing this transaction, including these Terms of Use.
The User may not assign or transfer in any way these Terms of Use for the rights or obligations arising therefrom to a third party without obtaining the prior written permission of Yul Pronos who may assign this agreement to a third party without the permission of a User.
In the event that any provision of these Terms of Use is declared invalid by a court of competent jurisdiction, the provision will be deemed to be excluded from the Terms of Use without affecting the validity of this agreement.

Modification of the Terms of Use

Yul Pronos reserves the unilateral right to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time and without notice. Yul Pronos will take reasonable steps, if necessary, to inform its Users of any material changes. Any User will be bound by these changes;
Yul Pronos reserves the right to terminate these Terms of Use.


The Terms of Use and the User’s use of the Site are governed by the laws of the Province of Quebec and the laws of Canada applicable thereto. If the User’s use of the Site should give rise to a dispute, it must be resolved according to the laws applicable in the Province of Quebec and Canada, by a competent court of the judicial district of Montreal, Province of Quebec.


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